When your staff is drowning in emails, reward them with the gift of time

  • "It's the ultimate email collaboration tool. I save over an hour a day"

    —Owner of an advisory firm based in Los Angeles

    TagInbox has transformed how our LA-based registered investment advisor firm manages email communication. As a small team of five, collaborating on client work used to mean an endless stream of emails and the constant worry that someone was missing a critical message.

    TagInbox has given me back over an hour each day that I used to waste constantly checking emails. Now, I can finally relax, knowing that my team has everything under control, even if they're not copied on every message.

    TagInbox is our team's command center for email productivity. We're all connected, eliminating redundant work and ensuring nothing gets missed. We're more efficient, responsive, and professional than ever before.

    If you're looking for a way to reclaim your time and take control of your inbox, TagInbox is the ultimate solution. It's streamlined our workflow, improved our communication, and allowed us to focus on delivering exceptional service to our clients.

“Half the emails I get are a waste of my time. Trouble is, I don't know which half”

A Harvard Business Review article notes that professionals spend over 2 hours on email daily of which nearly half is wasted, on average. With over 4 billion email users, and still growing, processing over 200 billion non-spam emails every day, the world runs on email, albeit wastefully.

Time is wasted in context switching cost when checking new emails, transcribing to other tools, organizing emails, searching through the folders and in reading and sending unnecassary emails.

If you can save even 15 minutes a day with TagInbox, you can save $12,500 a year, for an organization of 5 staff members with an annual pay of $80,000 each. Try the Savings Calculator.

Our breakthrough technology fixes email's deep problems and unleashes its full power

Patent granted in February 2024

TagInbox fixes the
root causes of
email inefficiencies

New ideas elevate email to deliver incredible benefits

1. Rooms

  • Organize emails by clients or projects
  • Assign staff to rooms
  • Keep teams aligned

2. Tags

Divvy up the work with a few clicks

3. Workflow

Conserve attention by focusing on flagged rooms first

TagInbox user interface

Start with rooms to choose what to do next

Room view

Fast resolution:
Respond, delegate or discuss

Challenges resolved

Context Fragmentation,

"What's the full story here?"

Each room contains all the emails back and forth between the client party and assigned staff. You can see and reply to emails even if you're not copied on them. With the full story, you can reply fast with confidence.

Attention Fragmentation,

"Now, where was I??"

In a room, you can focus without being interrupted by new emails in other rooms. You go from room to room, serial monotasking instead of heavy multitasking, while saving context switching time.

Coordination Overhead,
Internal Collaboration

"Who can take this?"

Coworkers can take or assign emails for followup with tags instead of creating new emails. Tags stay on the radar and ensure every email is accounted for.

Find the emails that matter without checking them all

Your control your data

Your emails stay in your own accounts

Tags archived to email
for compliance

TagInbox is certified:
SOC2 Type 1


An asset for every business

Activate TagInbox

Create an email account to store your data, get invited and activate TagInbox.

TagInbox works with Office365, Google Suite and legacy email systems.

CRM ⇒ Rooms

Import from your CRM (Wealthbox, Salesforce etc.) in CSV and create Rooms in bulk. Direct integration with Redtail CRM.

You can also create rooms on the fly, whether or not you use a CRM.

Assign staff to rooms.

Rollover to TagInbox

Your rooms will start lighting up for you when new emails need your attention.

Take advantage of many features not covered here, from integrated texting via email to bulk messaging.

Say hello to TagInbox and goodbye to email overload.

Outlook and Gmail continue to work in parallel.

Sample customers

Over 6 million emails processed

    • "Using TagInbox for over two years has revolutionized our email management, streamlining client correspondence and team coordination. It's our go-to tool during high-stakes tax deadlines, even when we're remote. Easy to onboard temps, send reminder texts, overall, a huge time-saver, TagInbox is indispensable for us".

      —Madhavi Kale

      CEO, KG Group CPA Inc
    • "I don't have to give updates to my manager several times a day. He knows what's going on, so if a client calls, he's uptodate.

      I can now process more loans simultaneously."

      —Kevin Patel

      ABS Home Mortgage
    • “I love how uncluttered my Inbox is. I can safely ignore many emails, knowing my coworkers will tag me for my action items.”

      —Sharmila Vedam

      V2 Financial

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